About JewelryByAmyT

Although JewelryByAmyT is named after me, Amy Theresa it has evolved into a family affair. JewelryByAmyT started when my mom and me, who both live in the Chicagoland area, started working with fused glass and wire hand making wire bails. Both my mom and I made simple and yet pretty fused glass pendants, but we really wanted to set ourselves apart. So we continued studing the art of fusing glass and also began studing lampworking. We became hooked on creating with glass and there was no looking back.

We fell in love with creating beautiful wearable items from glass and wire. As a result, each piece of glass and wire that takes shape is a beautiful quality wearable art.

Since we both are avid crocheters we also decided to experiment and teach ourselves how to crochet with wire.

Crochet Wire Earrings and Cords

I have to admit that we used lots of wire in the process of teaching ourselves how to crochet with wire. But I had in my mind's eye light weight unique funky crochet wire earrings. Plus my mom wanted to create crochet wire cords that would hold and support our fused glass pendants so we continued to try. After many attempts and lots of ruined wire, we figured out how to create beautiful jewelry with wire. Then we began the process of creating the designs that were in our mind's eyes.

For years now we have enjoyed crocheting these earrings and unique crochet wire cords using different color combinations of non-tarnishing wire for lasting beauty.

As our passion grow my sister, my sister (daugther) Carrie Ann, became involved by something she had in her mind's eye.

Magnetic Badge Holder Story

Carrie, who lives in Oklahoma, made a great suggestion. Carrie thought that our glass pieces could be turned into magnetic badge holders for her to wear to work everyday. She wanted something that was comfortable and fashionable in addition to being functional.

So we experimented with a variety of different methods and supplies to make a functional, durable yet fashionable magnetic badge holder. I have to admit that we had to redo and improve our supplies more than once during the first year or so of designing and creating these magnetic badge holders. But after lots of hard word, experimenting and putting our family’s creative minds together, we have come up with a magnetic badge holder design that Carrie and her follow co-workers just love.

These magnetic badge holders are strong, durable pieces of wearable art that are also comfortable and functional.

And just recently Carrie Ann's fashionist teenage daugther Rachel and another one of my fashionable teenage cousins Jurnee, who also lives in Oklahoma, came up with yet another idea.

Fused Glass Earrings & Hair Accessories

My teenage nieces (and granddaughters) Rachel and Jurnee are visiting us this summer and want to have smaller sparkly fused glass post earrings, hair pins and pony tail holders.  So needless to say, it has became one of our summer project to design and create them together.  So stay tuned for yet another line of jewelry that may end up in our Etsy shop.