About our Magnetic Id Badge Holders

Why JewelryByAmyT created this style of Magnetic Id Badge Holder:

These magnetic id badge holders where designed to meet a creation in Amy's sister mind's eye. Carrie needs to wear a badge throughout her work day. She wanted something that was comfortable and fashionable in addition to being functional. This started Carrie's quest for a creative badge holder that she did not have to wear around her neck. After putting our family’s creative minds together, we have come up with a badge holder that Carrie just loves. We hope you will too!   See JewelryByAmyT's magnetic badge holders in her Etsy shop

How JewelryByAmyT creates her Magnetic Id Badge Holders:

AmyT’s magnetic id badge holders are created by hand cutting a variety of compatible pieces of glass and at times blown bits of glass. The glass pieces are expertly layered, placed in the kiln and heated to a melting temperature. This process occurs several times until AmyT is satisfied with the quality and look of the fused glass piece. After being created, the fused piece is annealed and very slowly cooled in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.

The finishing touches include a bail and split ring. Then a piece of smooth non-tarnishing metal is attached on the back. Each badge holder also comes with a super strong magnet to use to secure the badge holder onto a piece of clothing. This magnet holds under the fabric so there are no pins required and no fabric damage. 

 To learn about our magnetic badge holders you can view our magnetic badge holder video